Go Cabin

Extend your time on the water 

Limitless Stay

Cabin models invite their owners to venture beyond their local waters, the Damsko cabin opens up new possibilities as nighttime falls. No need to go back to shore, you can stay aboard and fall asleep beneath and stars.


Boundless Adventure

For the perfect getaway, there’s also the Damsko cabin model available for Damsko 750 and Damsko 1000. Depending on the Damsko model the cabin can be outfitted with a kitchenette, bathroom, sleeps 2-4 people, and has plenty of extra storage space. Enough room to fit all your expectations, whilst giving you the chance to spend even more time out on the water.

Whether you want to take a trip overseas, head to Ibiza, host an unforgettable party with 50 people, take friends out in search of the perfect wake or simply relish the peace and quiet life out on the water, it’s all possible with the Damsko cabin. Your stay onboard doesn't have to end, the Damsko 1000 will take you places you’d never expected.

Damsko 750 Cabin


Damsko 1000 Cabin