The Making of A Lekker Boat

How it's Made

A Lekker Boat is not simply made, a Lekker Boat is crafted


A radical idea was born in Australia and developed the foundation of LEKKER Boat as we know it today. That idea was turned into reality in The Netherlands where the Damsko is handcrafted using premium quality materials with utmost precision and care. Making your boat exclusive from the very beginning.


Timeless Form


Working with prestigious architects seasoned in their technique, this aluminium boat is drawn up with comfort in mind whilst also capable of enduring rough waters at high speed. The design is closely related to that of the traditional Dutch day boat known as the "sloep", the ingenuity of a Lekker boat is the combination of old and new, completely modernising the form to include the latest technology. Keeping its classic exterior, making it look like a day boat, but in reality also able to glide over waters just like a speedboat. 


Serious Strength


The Lekker Boats are built from 100% 5mm thick aluminum, 5083 aluminium alloy to be specific. This choice of material comes from its high resistance to seawater, exceptional strength and the fact that it’s extremely lightweight. Furthermore, there's no rotting wood, no "plastic fantastic" and absolutely no rust. Making it an ideal and maintenance free material, perfect when it comes to our Damsko. We source our aluminum from a reputable, local company that delivers consistent quality each time. It's another step made by us to ensure that your Lekker Boat has a long life. 



Cut with Precision

To create the pieces that will eventually form your DAMSKO, aluminium sheets are precision cut by a laser using a specialized machine and operator. This creates a blueprint of the boat and all its minuscule details. The intelligent method behind the first steps of a LEKKER Boat ensures minimal faults before the welding process. During this period, the famous Amsterdam Andreas crosses reminding us of Lekker Boat’s roots are lasered into the bow and stern of the Damsko.


Lekker Boats

Lekker Boats


Shaped with Passion

After we receive the cut sheets of aluminium, the design can be brought to life. Welding aluminium is a whole, intricate process requiring 800 man-hours to be completed by our experts. In comparison to steel, aluminum alloy uses a certain method of welding where the temperature can go up to 660C. Each individual LEKKER Boat is hand-welded together to create an authentic crafted product. Another great feature of our boats is the fact that we have a double-welded reinforced transom, this seam endures the rigors of boating life. So when you have engines kicking out tremendous horsepower like the Damsko does, your transom can handle the force without a problem. Welded from the inside to form the overlapping layers. We also mill the deep V-shaped hull to round the sharp edges.


Brilliant Colors

We take pride in the robust durability of our creations, meaning that your DAMSKO will be coated with premium multi-coat non-corrosive paint. Each LEKKER Boat is handled with care by our expert painters, prepping the hull for a flawless application of your customised colour. First sandblasted to smooth out any rough edges on the surface, ensuring the paint will optimally adhere to the hull. We start with a primer as the base, and afterward, the hull is meticulously painted over the course of 6 layers, requiring another week until perfection. As a finishing touch, we protect the freshly painted body with an anti-fouling paint layer that restricts the growth of algae and corrosion of paint. A necessity to be able to enjoy your LEKKER Boat over and over each time. 


Luxury upholstery

A boat does not stop at the controls or hull, you must enjoy the ride at every single moment. We take the opportunity to bring your DAMSKO experience up a notch. Our luxurious weatherproof cushions are made at a prestigious furniture upholstery address, they produce the finest cushions that are specifically tailor-made for every LEKKER boat. For us it’s vital to deliver a product that offers real comfort, allure, and a place for every single one of your guests. To make sure the cushions fit your personal style and that of your boat, you can choose from an array of colors




Final Check

At the very end of the assembly, your LEKKER Boat is inspected by experienced members of staff who double check and inspect every inch of the boat. We conduct a thorough test drive along the Dutch waters near our shipyard just outside Amsterdam. We refine anything we find that is not up to par until it's exceptional and ready to be sent to you. We guarantee that when you receive your LEKKER Boat it has been certified and approved with safety and quality in mind.

We're proud of the fact we use local sources to craft this premium DAMSKO in the Netherlands.