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Get onboard. Today. 

Seeing is believing

The sun is out and people are out on the water! In other words, there’s no better time to start your Lekker Boat experience than to actually go board one. 


Jump onboard and discover the Damsko range

Are you ready for a test drive? Would you rather charter a Lekker Boat with at captain? During the coming months Lekker Boats will organize Test Days in the Fort Lauderdale / Miami area.  We welcome everyone to join, simply subscribe by filling in a contact form and letting us know your preferred date and location. 

The Lekker team will familiarize you with every aspect of your potential new boat, whether you’re a first-time boat buyer or a seasoned skipper. So don’t hesitate and let us take you out onto the water. Giving you the chance to experience what it’s like to fly over the water with our beautiful aluminum rockstar. 


Boat Show Schedule

Connecticut / Mohegan Sun / January 16 - 19 / Hartford Boat Show

New York / New York City / January 22 - 26 / New York Boat Show

Massachusetts / Boston / January 8 - 16 / New England Boat Show

Florida / Miami / February 13 - 17 / Miami Yacht Show




* Important: get in touch via the link below, to schedule a test ride or charter *